Although maple sap has recently received a fair bit of media attention, the KiKi Maple Sweet Water team works diligently to increase awareness and educate upon the benefits of KiKi Maple Sweet Water®. With a strong consumer desire for healthy, local foods and beverages, KiKi Maple Sweet Water® is a perfect fit for the growing food and beverage market. 


Consumers desire for local products is demonstrated by a 2013 Hartman Report citing that in a 2010 study, 76% of food buyers seeks local foods and beverages. In addition, 77% of respondents were attempting to eat more seasonal foods. KiKi Maple Sweet Water® offers a light, sweet hint of maple flavour reminiscent of Canadian spring all year -round.


Lower Caloric Content...

Consumers of all ages are seeking out alternatives to traditional sweeteners as the incidence of Type 2 diabetes and obesity continue to rise. Scoring lower than sugar, honey, molasses and agave on the glycemic index*, maple sap, the main ingredient in KiKi Maple Sweet Water®, allows consumers to enjoy a sweet, but healthier beverage.


Many beverages currently on the market cause quick spikes in blood sugar; however, because of its lower caloric content (only 48 calories/240 mL serving; only 24 calories/240 mL in the Simply Maple) and carbohydrates (12g/serving) KiKi Maple Sweet Water® reduces this spiking effect. KiKi Maple Sweet Water® also contains 1g of fibre from fruit flavours which helps slow the absorption of simple sugars ultimately, slowing the rise of blood glucose levels.

* Lower glycemic index scores include all those <55. Maple (54)


Contains a unique organic acid...

Perhaps the most unique quality of maple sap are in the results of a 2010 study by Dr.Yves Desjardins of the Institute de Neutraceuticals et Des Ailments Fonctionnels (INAF). This study found that maple sap contains good levels of a newly identified organic acid - Abscisic Acid (ABA). ABA stimulates pancreatic release of insulin, increases the sensitivity of fat cells to insulin and is described as a "potential weapon against metabolic syndrome and (the symptoms) of diabetes". Taken together with the low caloric and sugar content of KiKi Maple Sweet Water®, ABA encourages insulin homeostasis.


Full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants...

KiKi Maple Sweet Water®also offers hydration and electrolyte rebalancing benefits as well as helping to ease the symptoms of fatigue, nausea, heartburn and general dehydration. The benefits of the beverage are apparent both in daily activities and when consumer as a post-workout beverage.


Maple sap and thus, KiKi Maple Sweet Water® contains over 80+ micronutrients including electrolytes potassium (2-3%DV) and magnesium, plus calcium (2%DV), iron (2%DV), zinc, choline, selenium, riboflavin (B2), pantothenic acid (B5) and a very high content of manganese - all the nourishment to keep a maple tree vibrant and healthy can also be beneficial to us!


Of the 80+ micronutrients found in maple sap, 64 are anti-oxidizing in nature. Additionally, over 50 polyphenols are present in maple sap. Polyphenols have demonstrated the ability to decrease UV sensitivity, suppress growth hormones and increase deterrence of microbial infections. Maple sap is on par with foods such as broccoli, tomatoes, carrots and spinach for its antioxidant properties according to the scale of oxygen radical absorbency capacity (ORAC).


KiKi Maple Sweet Water® boasts a variety of health-enhancing properties, has no water or sugar added and tastes great! 


Maple Water Nutrition Facts

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